Areal model river valley - how to use WebODM

Could someone give instructions how to set WebODM for areal model - river valley, lower ect.
I have been reading about it on this forum but steel don’t know much.
I know that there is bug with pmvs-num-cores - Georef fail on ODM ('list' object has no attribute 'georef') - #3 by bsaab
I’am using gcp and as a result 3d model is very deformed (cloud of points) - terrain elevations don’t match with gcp. Im using djj phantom 3 profesjonal - gcp measured with gps.

Hi @wondo2. With the latest updates, the georef issue should be addressed.

As to deformation in the data not matching GCPs – you need to calibrate images from the phantom. See this repo here: GitHub - dakotabenjamin/CameraCalibration for how to do this.

If you don’t calibrate the camera, the algorithm can’t adjust for barrel distortion, which needs fixed before feeding into ODM. Good luck!