Are there unwanted Javascript libraries in WebODM?

I was browsing through some files in WebODM, specifically the Javascript files to check what libraies WebODM uses and i found out that there are files that i suspect that WebODM does not actually need like


Where do we use latex in WebODM? there are similar files for Lua and other languages. Should i create a pull request and remove a few of them?

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Knowing nothing about anything, I say YES PLEASE!

Any dead dependencies/libraries that you can remove saves not only space, but lowers our attack/risk surface from having outdated libraries carried along.

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It’s probably safe to remove a lot of those, yes.

Test to make sure, though. I can’t remember the specifics of that lib (or why I added all of those files, if they are needed, or if I didn’t bother to check).

Overall it will not have a big impact on space though, but it’s still nice to clean things up.


I will check and remove them. I’ll also check if a newer release is available. can you please give me some advise before i jump into it?

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I’ve generated a pull request, please look into it when you find the time. I’ve not removed everything that’s unnecessary, i just want to do it in steps to be on the safer side.


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