Are all task options available in WebODM Lightning?

Hey all,

I’m processing an overflight of a medium density residential neighborhood and find that the roof lines look pretty bad on a lot of the buildings. I read in a tutorial that texture nadir weight could be tweaked in the processing steps but don’t see it as a choice that I can update using WebODM Lightning processing. It’s also not a parameter listed in the missing guide book. Are not all of the task options available in WebODM. Do I have to do something at the command line to update the texture nadir weight parameter?

Also does anyone have any tips and tricks they use to get the best possible orthophoto? I’m comparing my output to images generated in the commercial packages and the quality seems to be lacking in WebODM. I assume it’s less about the software and more because I’m not using the best task parameters for the datasets I’m processing.

Thanks in advance

texturing-nadir-weight is no longer an option (we improved the texturing algorithm so that it no longer requires user tweaking).

Lightning nodes have the same options, except the --split and --split-overlap options, (which are for split-merge workflows) and --ignore-gsd as a local NodeODM node. Some options are limited in the values you can pass to them, for example, orthophoto-resolution is limited to 1 cm/px (for quality of service performance reasons).

But they are mostly the same.

Can you show us the quality differences (upload a side by side comparison)?


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