Archaeological Crop marks - courtesy of WebODM!

WebODM as applied to aerial archaeology.

The full data set has not yet been processed, but I just thought I would show you these tremendous crop marks of prehistoric barrows, near Nairn in Scotland. I just can’t get enough of WebODM!! :slightly_smiling_face:

RGB image:

Processed using VARI algorithm


So cool! Thanks for sharing.

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Very, very awesome stuff!

Can’t wait to see what you pick up in the DSM and Point Cloud.

These are just variances in crop colour. There is no real difference in elevation/crop height, so nothing to see on the DSM.

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That’s amazing. So just the artefacts of how these modifications effect drainage, etc.?

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Yes. The relative growth/vigour of the crop and different rates of crop ripening are influenced by the archaeology beneath.


In a field adjacent, there is a round barrow, still extant. This is what WebODM made of it - superb!


So freaking cool!

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