Apply radiometric reflectance panel calibration - Micasense RedEdge images


since there is no support of reflectance panel values, I prepaed undistorted reflectance images for each band from raw images taken from the flight. I’d like to use it with ODM process, however EXIF data of each image is almost cleared. Since some of them has been applied, I suppose they are no longer valid.

Which exif data should I copy from raw images to reflectance images?

For processing raw multispectral images, I used these parameters:
–radiometric-calibration camera (camera+sun)

Which parameters should I use in case of pre-processed reflectance images?
I suppose that radiometric calibration should be set to none since it was done by pre-processing.
–texturing-skip-global-seam-leveling should be applied I think.
Should I also use --use-fixed-camera-params since distortion was also corrected by pre-processing?

Are there any other recommendations?


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I believe you’re well on your way with your first steps/assumptions.

As for:

I would not recommend applying that unless you have a very well calibrated camera distortion model in the appropriate format from a prior OpenDroneMap process.

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