Appli web ODM manager doesn't work!


I just paid and tried to download webOMD on my mac 2019, quite powerful in ram

he is on catalina and i did it right. i went to mac security, and i have this problem

oooops did you make sure to copy wedodm manager to you application…etc,

would I have missed something?

Thank you


i have this message when i look terminal

“localhost:8000 not available, retrying in 1 second…”

Strange, no ?

Hey @lolo81500 :hand: did you copy the application in your Applications folder? Also is the docker application running (is there a whale icon in your task bar)? Can you launch it manually if it isn’t? Do you have a firewall or an antivirus? Disable them if so.


after a long search, i went through terminal and the app worked, however i still don’t see how to use docker, but i’m barely getting started …

thank you for your reply :+1:


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