Anyone install ODM on Raspberry PI for Raspbian Linux 32 bit Arm7 before

Tried to build docker ODM image for ARM 32 bit , failed using the docker buildx.

Wonder anyone else has had experience installing it?

Unfortunate no, though a pi is going to leave you precious little ram to work with. Have you thought about other SBCs like Odroid H2+ which can take 32GB RAM?

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BTW, I have an Odroid H2+ arriving Monday, so I’ll give feedback on how it does as an OpenDroneMap node.


I’d be very interested to hear results from the Odroid.

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Yeah! Thanks for the inspiration. It led me down the rabbit hole of looking up all the various options for high performance SBCs and then concluding that the Odroid is the way to go. :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, it’s meant to by my 2015 8GB RAM laptop replacement, so it will do just fine at that… .


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