Anybody know what backend engine runs

I’m looking for a public interface to share my 3D model, specifically for inspection purposes. This application is a great example of what I’m trying to achieve:

  1. The 3D model is very clean, and has tags on it regarding inspection issues.
  2. Tags in the 3D model immediately bring up the relevant original images.

This similar interface is seen in Pix4DInspect.

My hunch is both of these systems are using some kind of open source product. Anyone know what that is? I’m guessing it’s not dronedb…?


We have a member of Nira here, but we don’t have answers to that question of what powers it quite yet:

I’m guessing if it was forked from an existing FOSS library, it must have been one with licensing that wasn’t very strong copyleft.

It is also possible that it is completely in-house, as well.

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Thanks @Sajin, i will ping akeissami to see his input. The interfaces are so similar it’s hard not to think there’s something in common.

On a similar note, is DroneDB still being worked on? Are there good examples of commercial projects using DroneDB?

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Yes, DroneDB is absolutely under active development.

I can’t speak to who uses it as we don’t keep metrics nor telemetry. Perhaps someone using it may join in to discuss, however.


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