Any way to overlay property lines on map?

Apologies if this has been asked before but I searched for some time and couldn’t find anything related.

As mentioned in the title, is there a way to overlay property lines on the completed images? I make aerial maps of land I own and my friends/neighbors have started having me do the same for them. I usually leave them in ODM and send them a private link to their finished maps. One thing that would be very helpful is if I could overlay property boundaries on the final results. Something exported from ESRI or some other source of property lines for example.

Has anyone already solved this? If not, anything that would point me in the right direction would be helpful.

If it matters, I use WebODM on Linux but I’m also fine using whatever will work.


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If you can export your property lines to shapefile (make a .zip archive with the shapefile files) or better yet to GeoPackage format, you can then drag & drop the file into the map viewer.

This will not save though, so refreshing the page will require re-dragging & dropping the file.

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In addition to Piero’s solution above, if you’re willing/able to check out QGIS, you can make some pretty powerful layouts and compositions in there using any number of different data sources.

I know that is pretty counter to your current workflow, so his solution does seem much nicer. I also had no idea we could do that, so thanks for asking!


Thanks for your replies!

I must be doing something wrong. I used QGIS to export the county parcel data into a shapefile that seems to work fine in QGIS. I exported it as a “ESRI Shapefile”, as a “GeoPackage” and as a “GeoJSON” file and none seem to work in ODM. I’ve tried importing just the geopkg and the shp files and get a “not a proper JSON file” error. If I zip up all the files ‘export to shapefile’ generated or if I try the geojson file ODM acts like it is importing then the view zooms all the way out. I can zoom back in but it doesn’t show the property lines. No error, just no lines.

Does the CRS matter? QGIS is defaulting to 4326 (I’m in the western US).

Can you help me figure out what I’m missing? I’m probably missing something stupid but I’m not seeing it yet.

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Ah, my bad, we actually do not support GeoPackage. Shapefile and GeoJSON should work though. Can you share the actual file?

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geojson file is here:

Shapefiles are here:

Thanks for looking!

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Thanks for those!

That host deletes the files after one download, so now nobody can get to them since I grabbed them :grimacing:

Looks like both pass the QGIS view/use test, though your shapefile is a much larger extent than the GeoJSON. Is that by design?

Time for me to resurrect one of my first feature requests? :rofl:

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OK. Lets try this one.

This will keep them for 6 days. That link has both the shapefile and the geojson.

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And both the shapefile and the geojson were exported with the same selection from QGIS. They should have the same (or at least very similar) extents.

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The coordinates in both files do not seem to be lat/lon EPSG:4326 (as declared).

Check how you exported the file. Something went wrong during your data export.

these are most definitely not lat/lon :slight_smile:

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So that was the hint I needed. Seems QGIS (my install of it at least) was hell bent on writing out files in Mercator projection, even when I picked 4326 WGS84. Some digging and tweaking of settings I think has this fixed. I’m now able to export geojson files from QGIS and temporarily import them into WebODM.

In case someone comes here with the same problem: A related symptom (and one that was easier to see as I went) was if I changed the projection of anything (project/layer/etc) what I was looking at disappeared and was no longer in the viewable window. I’m not sure what setting actually fixed this as I changed a bunch before things started working but it seems many others have had similar issues. Most of the settings I played with were in Settings → Options → CRS & Transformations. I set the default to 4326 for both new projects and layers. I have it prompt for CRS on new layers. I also turned on transformations for 3857 to 4326. Hope this helps someone in the future.

It would be really nice if there was a way to permanently import a geojson into a project but this will solve my immediate need.

I think being able to attach overlay layers to projects in WebODM would be a great future enhancement.

Thanks to everyone that helped me figure this out. Couldn’t have done it on my own.


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