Any way to know when the photos were token?

I want to add a calendar on my map, ideally by writing a plugin.

However there’s no such API telling me when the photos were token. What I can get is only the time of the task creating. Even if the original photos contain timestamp.

I read a bit of the code. I found this in ./WebODM/app/api/

    def upload(self, request, pk=None, project_pk=None):
    Add images to a task
    get_and_check_project(request, project_pk, ('change_project', ))
        task = self.queryset.get(pk=pk, project=project_pk)
    except (ObjectDoesNotExist, ValidationError):
        raise exceptions.NotFound()

    files = flatten_files(request.FILES)

    if len(files) == 0:
        raise exceptions.ValidationError(detail="No files uploaded")

    with transaction.atomic():
        for image in files:
            models.ImageUpload.objects.create(task=task, image=image)

    return Response({'success': True}, status=status.HTTP_200_OK)

Seems all the images have been flatten after uploaded. So the date data is totally lost?

The EXIF data should still be there (embedded within the images). So you would need to read it from the images.

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It’s crazy, but some pilots actually turn off the EXIF data from being saved! Not good.

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