Any GRASS experts out there? Help needed to upgrade to GRASS 7.8

Currently WebODM is still running on GRASS 7.6. GRASS 7.8 seems to have broken the volume calculation script.

This would be a good first issue for somebody who understands GRASS GIS.

Anyone available to help?

Hi Piero,

It’s just about v.import module, now you have to deal with use and v.proj instead of v.import.
GDAL 3 + PROJ 6 are confirmed to not work properly with grass 7.6, so definitvely thinking moving to 7.8 … in case you upgrade to gdal 3 or proj6.
All osgeo stack related to proj upgrade from 4 to 6 could have temporary problem but just move forward. Proj6 will help a lot especially with geoids corrections …

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Hi @kikislater, thanks for the pointers. Would you be interested in making a pull request?

Yes I have to find some time but I could do it !