An unanticipated benefit of Lightning

I’ve been serving construction projects with progress updates and mapping for about 3 years, and one of the learnings over that time is that absolutely everything needs a backup, from hardware to software to transportation. Even the pilot.

When I switched over to WebODM on my workstation, I realized that I didn’t have a capable backup. My laptop just wouldn’t cut it on WebODM. Last week I signed up for LIghtning and started using it from within WebODM for convenience of using preset templates. Today WebODM started throwing an error message when I tried to launch it, and I just switched over to Lightning via the browser. All of a sudden I realized that Lightning and WebODM are mutual backups for each other. An obvious situation, but I just hadn’t thought of it that way. COOL! And my laptop is quite capable if needed for feeding the cloud, so I’m back in good shape on backups. One of those head slap moments.

Now to get on with troubleshooting the error message. Just thought I’d share. Regards… Bob R.


Hey :raised_hand: note that will not keep processed results stored long term. You can access the results for 14 days from the moment processing ended, but they are then removed (to save space).


Saw that. Thanks for the reminder. I try to download everything I need as soon as it’s finished.