Alignment issues with options split and split-overlay

Hello everyone I am looking for help with split and split overlay, I have made a thread with certain issues however I have managed to narrow down the culprit – any 3D models generated on WebODM with split sub-models they are not aligning the options I have set are 61 images per sub-model with 35 overlay I have also tried 45 per sub-model with 17 overlay with same issues occurring… The issue is submodels elevations are not aligning as they should I have attached screenshots of what I am referring to. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: Forgot to mention the model contains 122 images, so 2 submodels for this particular model.

The default value for --split-overlap is 150 so I wonder if your value of 35 is too small.
Can your machine process the 122 images in a single go - do you need to split it?
You might also try calibrating your images (even though your dataset is not very large).

EDIT: It looks like this is a duplicate of your other post 2 Parts of my 3D Model is Floating ?


It is somewhat a duplicate however it is also more of an update as I found the source of the problem, My pc can process the 122 images however larger datasets closer to 500 it does have issues with so the split was more of a test so when I need it for my larger datasets

From my understanding 150 is the default but this number represents meters of overlap, i have found if I set the split overlap to 0 it actually comes out better but still has some float not near as much tho

Edit: if you have any ideas Id love to get some thanks

Update: I have tried everything that I would know to try, If someone could help me I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

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