Air 2S - Having issues finding a suitable Android App

Hi, Noob here. I have an Air 2S and haven’t found a compatible app for Android in combination with desktop software. Anyone have recommendations for the Air 2S Android app to actually fly mapping missions and collect data for a point cloud? I’ve tried DroneDeploy- Air 2S not supported, Litchi looks like it sucks for mapping, DroneLink may or may not work, haven’t got that far yet. I’m at my wits end!!
Help please!

Well I fly mapping missions with a mini 2 (standard controller) and Dronelink, with no problem

Good to know, lol. I think perhaps it may be my unfamiliarity with Dronelink giving me grief. I tried to set up a mapping mission, the waypoints moved all over, and I can’t even find how to delete and start over!

This isn’t really a topic for Opendronemap though, sorry.

Why not post about this on the dronelink community, and we can sort you out there

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Litchi works well for me with an M2Pro.

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