After the process, the camera's location are changed

Hi, My original dataset camera’s location is as below.

when I process in webODM, it finished but in erros.
After checking the camera as below, the camera’s location are changed.

I am not sure whether it caused by some of processing or other.

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Can you please post your dataset and your processing parameters?

It is really helpful if you do such for each support/inquiry. It is really hard to help without it.

Also, is this still with the Quantix?



I have shared dataset before in the data tag.
All should be the same. This one is bigger.

All my datasets have same problems.

The locations are wrong. If odm fix this, maybe it can process my data. :laughing:

Original location should be

but in WebOdm look like this

I believe the shift you’re seeing is the reconstructed camera positions, which may be wrong with the Quantix since we don’t support it.

Got it.
I didn’t know after process, the location will change.
Thank you for classify it.

This is the dataset.

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