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Hey all

I’ve successfully processed several projects with WebODM Lightning and noticed the Navigation section. I don’t really understand what the functionality does but I thought it might be some kind of way to navigate through your point cloud or textured mesh and record the movement as a mov file. Pix4D has this option (Drone Deploy doesn’t) but I wondered if this was part of WebODM Lightning and if it was done using this navigation section.

Also the Lightning interface is quite intuitive but I’m not sure if I’m missing any of the functionality. Is there documentation on it somewhere?



It is my understanding that webodm cannot record animations from the 3D viewer, but maybe you can record the screen.

Also, you can take point cloud into CloudCompare or the textured model into blender and create an animated video. There are several tutorials in youtube.

In my opinion, the best results can be achieved using the textured model in blender.


Thanks for the info. I’m not familiar with Blender. Is it open source or do I have to pay for it? I can definitely take screen captures but I was hoping for full animation like Pix4D where waypoints are selected and the software fills in the space between each waypoint.

I’m just getting started with Cloud Compare. Does it support viewing the textured model?

Thanks again I’ll look into Blender.

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Holy smokes. Blender! Thanks for the heads up. Just downloaded it and watched a video. Very interesting and amazing piece of software at least in the short time I’ve been exposed to it. Another toy to try…


Wait until you start messing with BlenderGIS :wink:

Blender is one of those things that I constantly berate myself for not knowing how to use better.

Also, QGIS has a fairly competent 3D Viewer that you can record animations from within, and in QGIS 3.18+ you can export scenes to Blender :smiley:


What!? Fantastic.



Getting the OSGeo4W-NG build for Windows is necessary to get the latest/greatest QT, GDAL, PDAL, and other dependencies, as well as a Corporate Anti-Virus friendly install (no more nircmd), and MSI-based!

I have only played with it enough to know that the pipeline works. I don’t know what I’m doing with Blender enough to do anything cool or interesting with the export.


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