Additional software needed?

I am looking into ODM for some orthophotos and possible surface creation. What other software is needed? like DJI flight planner and Litchi? Has anyone used this combination of software? ODM/DJI Flight Planner/Litchi?


What kind of drone/UAV/RPAS are you using? You technically only need the photos for ODM. Flight planning software is helpful for capturing a good photo set, but not strictly necessary.

Mavic Pro, so this software will work with any mission planning/executing software I choose, that is good information, Thank you for your reply!

You’re welcome. ODM handles some cameras better than others (thus different drones make a difference) but the DJI stuff is broadly popular and well supported in ODM. I believe that applies to the Mavic Pro as well. (Anyone else have input here? Rolling shutter issues?)

I also hear good things about flight planning software from Maps Made Easy and Drone Deploy, in addition to the two you mentioned. And there are more. Most or all are free to try. Check out a few and see what you like.

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We don’t have fixes for rolling shutter implemented, so it’s an issue, but Mavic Pro works pretty well nonetheless.