Adding Surface Model to Fast Ortho

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I am processing some images for a client who wants an orthomosaic and elevation model. Would it be possible to simply select the dsm option while keeping all other fast ortho options to do this?

Also, I have already processed some sets of images using fast ortho so they are not showing as elevation models. Is there an easy way to rerun the program from a specific stage rather than doing it completely over? Thanks for any help with this!


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It is possible, but the results will not be usable. Fast Orthophoto does a great number of things to be fast that make it ill-suited to deriving a DEM product. If you want usable DEM products, you should go through the full processing pipeline. You do have some room to tune parameters and image resolution to speed things along (given client requirements for GSD).
Here’s an example:

There is the Restart option below a Task when using the WebODM UI:

Thanks for the help, Saijin! If I needed to restart the sets I already ran with new settings so they would include a DEM, what step would I select?

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You can try Restart from Multi View Stereo.

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