Adding new assets available for downloading

We made some modification in the code to generate some new output files and add them to the downloadable assets. We updated the system to v0.9 and made the modification again. The modification works properly in node-odm but we cannot make the new files available for downloading in the latest version.

It seems in v0.9 the handling of assets was changed. As we saw the node-odm doesn’t pass all assets to the webapp anymore. Our question is which process generates the and copy the files to the webapp and where the zip content is determined.

In the previous versions, the new assets could be made available for downloading by adding their parameters to the code of the dashboard and map view in the webapp and the worker. In v0.9 this is changed, we cannot add new assets even if the files are placed to the appropriate folder and to the (manually). Could you give us hints on how this can be done in v0.9?

Hey @Ivanhoe :hand:

  • The assets are determined here: NodeODM/Task.js at master · OpenDroneMap/NodeODM · GitHub
  • I’m not sure I understand the question for the second part; you mean adding a new asset to the list of downloads when you press the “Download Assets” button? v0.9 should not have changed from the previous version, the only thing that changed in v0.9 is that the popups in map view do not show assets that are not available. Is your code available on GitHub? Perhaps looking at the changes you’ve made would make it easier to answer.