Adding a link to button on home page


I have added an Upload Button on the dashboard page. But I want to link that button to the upload page url . I did try to add the link but when after that it directly redirects me to that page. I need to trigger that event that it should happen on click but as I am pretty much new to react so I unable to figure out how this React components works. I know this might be very basic stuff but need a bit of help.
The url where I want it to redirect: url(r’^upload/’, app_views.upload, name=‘upload’),




Thank you. :grinning: Since yesterday I am already on it and trying to learn :sweat_smile:


Finally. Done :sunglasses: It was far more simple then I imagined just one line. :laughing:
Just had to add this event.
location.href = /upload/
I find React interesting but have no prior knowledge of javascript not sure if I can dive in further.
Anyways thanks :v:


Javascript can be… tricky :slight_smile:

Good resources: and