Added GCP file but processed without GCP

I added the GCP file but the data seems to be processed without GCP. All the GCP were above 300 AMSL but after processing, it is in between 250-275 m. Also, there is a shift of 5-8 m with respect to GCP.

I have looked at the logs but it has clearly georeferenced the model but the results are quite different.

Please find the logs:

Moreover, I am not finding any checkbox for GCP which I believe used to be there before.

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When processing with GCPs and split-merge, you need to make sure that the GCPs are evenly distributed across the model and that there are at least 3 GCPs on each submodel (passing an image_groups.txt file to guarantee this is also highly recommended). Splitting Large Datasets — OpenDroneMap 3.1.7 documentation

Or if you have the necessary hardware, don’t use split-merge when using GCPs.

You will not see the checkbox with GCPs in any case when using split-merge.


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