Accidentally moving GCPs when using GCP interface

Is there a way to ‘lock’ the position of ground control points (GCPs) so that they aren’t inadvertently moved when digitizing photos in the GCP interface module ??

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Are you using the bundled POSM GCPi, or GCP Editor Pro?

Pretty sure it’s the POSM GCPi, it came with the WebODM bundle that I downloaded 2 months ago.

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Ah, that might be GCP Editor Pro.

Are you able to screenshot or screencast your workflow when this issue happens?

I could Saijin but it wouldn’t show much.
When digitizing my GCP targets on my drone photos, I have, twice, grabbed a control point by mistake and moved it when deleting the points that show up on each photo (these are not relevant and curious but repeated on each new photo).
I am becoming very diligent now, of course, but do not know a way to reposition these GCP control points to their original and correct location.

This is one photo of a particular project Saijin

I have been deleting these two points. In this action I have ‘snagged’ a GCP point and moved it.

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