Access WebODM with IP public

right now im installing the webodm in docker toolbox
i want to give my webodm public IP, so it can be accessed anywhere.
is it possible to set it with Public IP in the docker ?
i really need a suggestion for technical work to put it into public IP.

You don’t need to explicitly set a public IP. WebODM already binds to all available interfaces so it should just work.

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You only have to forward the port(8000) on your router

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Thank you @pierotofy and @aapie
So, is that mean i just need to open port 8000 in my public IP server ?
example: my public IP is
so, when port 8000 is open then i just need to open webodm with, isnt it right ?

I dont know your situation but here in the netherlands we all get a modem and a router from or ISP. If you do have a router and behind the router a server/pc with webodm, then
you have to forward port 8000 from your local ip adres to your public ip. (What type of router do you use?)

It looks like this (but then with port 8000):

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Hi @aapie
thanks for your response…
right now im using apache server (xampp) in windows to run my server
i would like to make the WebODM accessible with my IP
as long as webodm run in docker and it has its own IP like,
do you know how to assign it in xampp ?