Access and Share WebODM NAS Remotely?


I have WebODM installed via Docker on my Synology NAS and everything works perfectly. My question, is how do I access WebODM remotely? I obviously cannot access it through the local IP address remotely and have no idea how to give it an accessible URL such as

This is all new to me so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

You need to register a DNS. (e.g. has free ones for example). Or you can register a top level domain from (or from many other providers) for a small yearly fee.

Then you need to create an A record that points the DNS to your IP address.

If your IP address changes, then you need to install a monitor program that routinely updates the DNS (so you don’t have to do it by hand).

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Hi! Thanks for responding and for the information. I am familiar with domains and registration so this should be easier than I thought. Is it possible to have a domain name thats already hosting a website such as and to simply create a subdomain such as and point an β€œA” record to my IP address? That way I have my main site AND the mapping site all on the same domain? I suppose a Google search would give me the info I need for that.

Regardless, thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::smiley:

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Yep! :+1:

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