About webOdm setup and oracle container

Hi, I just set up a workstation for webODM. new one is 256GB Ram.
Before I installed it in a laptop. I had a oracle container and can set up how many cpu and ram.
Now I installed webodm in workstation, not oracle , but it still run.
I am testing it now. Haven’t finish one yet.
now it use docker 2.4. I saw it pop up new version available. Do I need update it to 3.3? Do it get faster in new version?
Thank you.

I’m always of the mind that people should keep their software current unless they have a very good reason not to.

Check the documentation here for what has changed with docker:

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When I first install it, docker remind me new version. Then I updated. After that, open webOdm manager, it fail.

I uninstall every thing, keep docker old version, this time it works.

That is why I ask if newer version will help or not.
Maybe too newest version has some bugs or I did something wrong during update.

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