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My name is Conor, I’m a police officer in Washington DC and a Geospatial Intelligence graduate student. I’ve been flying drones for a year or so, and have been recently transitioning from a more artistic photographic/videographic interest to a photogrammetric/mapping focus (though I did film my own engagement last weekend, so I suppose I still dabble in videography). I live with the DC SFRA/FRZ so it’s difficult for me to create my own example datasets on a whim, but I’ve been trying to make some whenever I can.

Eager to learn more about the capabilities and techniques of ODM, collection, and the related programs!

Greetings from India.
I am a GIS & RS professional.
I am trying to use WebODM to generate orthomosaics and DEM from various types of drones.
Just learning WebODM. Presently I have only 8GB RAM. I am trying to optimize it.
Hope to participate more as I learn

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Hi Piero,
As you adviced in earlier mail conversation, I have now joined the community to learn more about dronemapping and in particular how webODM works. For those interested i can tell i am from middle of Sweden and recently got my eyes on drone operations, because i have studied 16 weeks of drone application area, law, flight theory, soft and hardware, drone application areas, drone foundation and technical constructions. It is alot to learn and my skillset needs to improve.
I am mostly interested of webODM on linux because thats what im use. When i installed webODM it was almost flawless except for phyton and pip because installation documentation did not use 3 in description. Like phyton3 or pip3, but that did not take long to figure out.
I guess my new book from you will help me install multiple machines for processing jobs as nodes are my next project. I will ask alot of questions that is hard to find answers in documentation,so bare with me ;D


I been working with ODM and WebODM both in research and teaching at our University in Finland. Our goal is to create services that reaches a wider audiences and more user friendly.

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Welcome Augustine-Moses! Glad to have you here.

Thank you.

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I am a watershed restoration manager working on helping communities visualize the change that can take place.

My current work flow is a Mavic Air 2 with Dronelink to map. WebODM desktop to model. Blender to post process a create pre/post restoration visualizations and then Sketchfab to host. .

I am trying to find people working on similar apps or workflow that could help me step up my game.

My current sticking point is really getting the best out of my drone and processing the highest quality model with the WebODM set-up that I have. I am really cost prohibited.

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated

Santa Margarita River - Existing Conditions by RiverSonicRun on Sketchfab

Sandia Creek Drive - New Bridge by RiverSonicRun on Sketchfab


This use case makes my heart sing.

John from Flower Mound, Texas. I have started my business “Hooks Aerial Photography LLC”, and I am in the process of learning WebODM. I have used Pix4D, DroneDeploy, Measure.com, Maps Made Easy, using two P4Pv2 for now and needing a cheaper solution for a processing software. So here I am, I purchased a course with AZ.Drone.net for a beginner course to WebODM, I would say its a very good course. I down loaded the WebODM guide and found a link to the forum. I will be chiming in to get expertise from the seasoned pilots.


Hi there! I’m from Canada and new to the community!

Drone enthusiast, I pilot a DJI Mavic Air 2S. I have an interest for photogrammetry and I’m beginning computer engineering studies this fall, so I hope that I will be able to learn more about WebODM soon! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Welcome!

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Aloha from Hawaii!
Been a basic webodm user for about a year. I fly a Mavic Pro 2. I joined as I would like to get a better grasp of the ODM and potentially use it to start a drone business in my community.

Awesome! Welcome and aloha.

Hello everybody,

Greeting from Spain.
Total newbie here.

I want to get a hands on with ODM

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Greetings from Malaga - Andalucia - Spain

I am a photographer and a couple of years ago I started to get into the drone world, I have taken most of the necessary qualifications to be able to fly professionally.

I have stumbled in this community because I was weighing different options to make terrain maps and I see that opendronemap is perfectly suited to my needs.

I have chosen to buy the webodm installer for windows, although my computer is a Hackintosh I think that when rendering natively in my case in the OS windows will give me better results, I have also added the guide “OpenDroneMap: The Missing Guide” a reading that I consider very useful. and for lack of knowledge I have also bought the gpu editor pro, which I doubt very much that I get to use it in a while.

Surely with the help of this forum I will improve the results and solve the constant doubts that appear with the use.

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Bienvenido @ImaSoft360!

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Hello … I’m just learning about OpenDroneMap. I use dji Mavic 2 and Mavic 3 drones. My current area of interest is in creating maps of golf courses. I am using dronelink to do the missions to take the photos … and I’m looking for a good program to stitch these all together.

I’m trying to get WebODM installed on my iMac Pro, but am having a few issues. (I’ll make this a separate post) In the meantime I did try out WebODM Lightning for one project and the results are promising.

Looks great! Welcome!