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Hi Aaron,

Great to have you here. Here probably the most recent workshop given by @coreysnipes just a short time ago for DroneCamp 2020:

I’ve got some upcoming trainings that will be recorded, and I expect I will be able to share those too. That sequence will be 2 half days of training (yipe!).


Hi everyone,
Greetings from Belgium. My congrats and respects to the contributers/developers of ODM.
I’m just starting in drones, mapping and ODM. First try with ODM showed me the potential already. Hope to learn a lot and in time contribute as well.
Igor Huygen



Hi folks, heard of ODM through a Scottish Facebook page and really interested in a hobbyist affordable package for 3D modelling. Keen photographer and I presently fly a DJI Mavic 2 Pro tho hope to get my 3DR solo airborne again once I can update its software. Looking to 3d map/model various ruins/castles/structure around Scotland.


Oh man! I can’t wait to see the castle 3D models.

Hi everyone!

All the way from South Africa. I am a complete newbie to the world of drones and data.
After 20+ years of Mathematics Education I decided to make a career change into Data Science. On my journey into this new world I got the opportunity to work with someone on a project involving drone analysis.

I’ve completed a degree in Math and Applied Math, with Statistcs as minor at the matured age of 41. Now, I focus on Tensorflow, I indulge in any information regarding #Tensorflow.

I am here to learn until I know which questions to ask. Which after I will aim to be the one answering questions.

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Hey Erna, welcome! :hand:


Hi, I’ve had a Phantom 3S for 5 years now, and done little more than play with it except video our village 12.5Km run in 2019 (cancelled last year!!). Now I’ve been asked to help map a wooded area (Ancient Woodland, rather special) of just over 30 Acres. Didn’t know what I was getting into . . . professional mapping sofware is just not on for us amateurs (though I can see why professinoals can pay $000s for mapping software), so you can see why I’ve ended up with ODM! Not really up to scripting, though I worked in IT all my career, so using Webodm locally, Lightning, and just over the past two days on AWS. Forest surveys seem perhaps the most difficult?? But I’m enjoying the challenge, and will be coming in with particular questions shortly.


Welcome Robert. Forests are a specialty for me, and I may have some insights. Cheers!

Hi from Florida, new to this community.
I’m learning drone mapping and that is what brought me here.
Very happy to have discovered ODM
Cheers !!

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Welcome! Glad you joined.

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Hello from Skagway, AK!

I am a licensed remote pilot and the environmental coordinator for a federally recognized Tribal government in Southeast Alaska, hoping to fully utilize UAS data to inventory culturally and environmentally significant resources in the Skagway area. I’ve used WebODM for a handful of projects, from harmful algal bloom mapping to salmon habitat assessment, and would love to learn more about the capabilities of this platform (especially mapping forests, we’ve got them in spades up here). Big thanks to all those who have made this resource possible, and I look forward to rubbing elbows with the great minds on here.


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Welcome Reuben. Great to have you here.

Grazie un saluto a tutti entro ora nella community sono un geometra e pilota di droni, di appena 64 anni, HAHAHAHA!!! :grinning: utilizzo webODM per lavoro e per hobby nel campo edilizio aerofotogrammetrico ma mi sto molto concentrando nel campo dell’agricoltura 4.0 per fare prevenzione con analisi e distribuzione di fitofarmaci miratamente. Cerco di dare una mano ad inquinare di meno. Sono di salerno Italy . :raised_hand: :raised_hand:


Hello from Portugal! I am a Mavic2pro user & mainly use my drone for photogrammetry . If anyone interested about photogrammetry and drones - pls have a look at this video Lesson 04. Aerial photogrammetry Metashape fundamentals for drone pilots - YouTube
I also Metashape re-seller and Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop

Hi everyone, I just joined this great community and I introduce myself.
I’m Marco, I live on Lake Como in Italy, for work I deal with GIS and Photogrammetric Survey from the ground and from drone, generally in the field of cultural heritage.
I also do 3d modeling with Blender.
I have been using Agisoft Metashape for years for photogrammetry but I always like to evolve and keep up with the times and therefore I have just landed at Web ODM.
Currently I am still in the testing phase and I purchased the installer, the manual and the plug-in for Piero Toffanin’s GCP, precisely because I am interested in high-level professional results.
The results I have seen in the web videos are very promising.
I hope I can learn quickly and contribute in my small way to grow this fantastic project.
Hello everybody

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Benvenuto, Marco.


Damien here from New Zealand. Been flying drones for about a year improving skills to undertake some drone projects.

I’ve got an Xmission and some multispectral data but I’m struggling to get WebODM. Can any one point me in the direction of some instructions as I’m sure this has been covered previously.

Our main goal is the delivery of repeatable inspections of cliffs monitoring change over time and identifying potential slips and rockfall before they occur. The multispec stuff is another area of interest for us


want to Ariel photography and areal survey using my DJI Air 2S Drone

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hello , i here from china,i am a civil Engineering student,and i want make a program to link autocad 、revit 、 abaqus to deal Engineering problems,just like how can i do to build more Sturdy house or how can i Maintain a broken house ,maybe in my career i will go africa to build that contry or not somebody know,in our contry we always says we are a stone where need us that we will be there,that i want do more small thing in my field