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Hello Friends,
Greeting from India .
Total newbie here.
I am just getting started with mapping and photogrammetry.
I have done a couple of mapping sessions and am now interested in the processing of my data.
I want to get a hands on with ODM



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I’m from Vienna AUT, use drones currently for fun, doing nice videos and photos … found the drone-mapping project here … as i am also a contributor to open street map and other stuff i find it useful to combine hobbies and fun with useful stuff like contributing drone images here.

greetings from Vienna


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Greetings, Jürgen!

Hi all,

I am from Slovakia and i am totally new in there. Today i am bought Web ODM for stitching my drone imagery. I would like to start business with agro inspections in my country and help our farmers for better yield.

So nowdays i am studying all about agro analyses. I owned DJI phantom 4 and today i made first field fly with fieldagent and i need stitch imagery. So i hope i will find good advice on this forum :slight_smile:

greeting from Slovakia

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Hello All,

I’m from Indonesia, I bought the WebODM manager two months ago to do some personal project using DJI Phantom 4, I wonder if I can help and contribute more for this community.


Welcome @mkalifardi!

Hello, I am from Peru. I am totaly new in this world of ODM. I wish to have success with this.


Excellent! Bienvenido.

Hi, I’m Edwin from China. I want to use ODM to develop some cool thing.

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Welcome Edwin!

Hi, I’m Tara in Ireland - I recently got a drone so that I can produce permaculture maps of our piece of land. So far I’ve managed to get everything installed and generate a 3d model of our house and front garden, which is quite exciting :slight_smile:

I’m having a little bit of trouble though with the terrain map (which is the key thing I’m interested in right now) so will probably post a thread about that shortly.

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Hola buenas tardes, estoy empezando en el mundo de la fotogrametria y me pareció bastante interesante esta comunidad. Espero ser de aporte. Ademas quería preguntar, dado que no tengo mucho presupuesto, cuales son las características mínimas que debe tener un dron para poder hacer fotogrametria?


Hi to all

Newbie here dont even have a drone yet. However I am looking to acquire a little more understanding of my potential capabilities moving forward .
I am poised to purchase a Mavic2 Pro and get a pilots licence to enable me to use it for business purposes in the UK.
I would like to find out what kind of outputs will be available to me in regard to basic topographical surveys.
Perhaps someone will kindly guide me to the correct channels for these questions and sorry to drone on in my first ever post but I expect that one has been over done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi good people,

I’ve just registered, and before I purchase the ODM package installer (because I don’t really want to spend too much time fiddling, reading and trying to compile), I’d like to ask for an honest opinion.

Would I, with ODM, be able to make a high quality image (to make a large photo print) of a high resolution, 2D map of a relatively large area (250 Hectares) of my estate?

The price here is reasonable. Other packages are not reasonably priced. And I probably wouldn’t be needing very many of the pro package capabilities. But are the results with ODM any good? I’ve seen renders on YouTube where people end-up with ‘white-spots…’

Any comments from someone with experience here would be most appreciated. And if you could include any pointers for me in my required workflow (free/almost free waypoint mission planner etc), I would be most grateful! I am using my DJI Mavic Pro.

I’m basically looking for a reasonable result without ‘breaking the bank’ for me as a droning enthusiast/hobbyist.

Welcome Balloo. As is typical with a quickly emerging project, those videos are pretty old, and much has changed. Also: OpenDroneMap is pro software, used by major NGOs, governments, and plenty of commercial entities. It just is also a free and open source project.

But, it is younger than some of the closed-source alternatives, so sometimes we are playing catchup on features or quality, but more often these days, we are matching or exceeding those products.

Ok, down to specifics: If you flew at 120m with 75% overlap and 60% sidelap, that would take you a few hours of flying, 7 battery changes, and render about 2200 images. For processing, you would need a pretty big machine, or process it on webodm.net for about $30 worth of credits.

If the area has lots of vertical features (e.g. trees) you will need to fly with more sidelap, probably closer to 75 or more. If it is heavily forested, I recommend aiming for 83%, which will take a lot of flying, and hit the upper limits of what you can process in one go on webodm.net.

Good luck! And keep us updated.


:slight_smile: Thanks for the comprehensive response - I like the ‘community’ aspect here. I think ODM will be good for my purpose. I’ll be sure to share my experience, and, probably ask for more help at some stage! 2 million plus images mentioned above sounds like a lot… Cheers

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