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What do you do? How did you get into drones? How are you using the software? What are you working on currently? Any projects you’d like to share or talk about?

Hello everybody
I’m an Italian photographer and even if I’ve been using drone since several years I never use them for mapping and now I’m discovering this new world. In dronelink fb group a couple of guys told me about Open Drone Map and that’s why I’m here trying to understand how these world goes

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Awesome! You are most welcome here.

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Hi everyone, My name is CarloS (right with an S at the end), I am from Nicaragua and I currently work for WFP. I am responsible for capacity building activities in DRR and Climate Change Adaptation. A couple of years ago I was trained by our office in using drones for humanitarian purposes, but unfortunately there are limitations to use drones in the country so I have been watching all the great work others are doing with their dron projects. I am very enthusiastic about FOSS4G and QGIS, and right now I am providing training related to GIS, and Drone data related training might be of interest for our partners.

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Great to have you here, CarloS. You may already know, there are some training videos from roughly a year ago with UN Open GIS initiative available internally to UN staff.

Cheers and welcome!

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Hello everybody,
I am using WebODM for Indian Railway. I am located in central India, Bhopal. I have recently acquired a new machine with i9 10 core, 20 thread, 128 GB ram, nvidia A2000/12 GB. I am able to run 8 /10 processes simultaneously. 95 % cpu with 50~60 % GPU. Thanks for the wonderful work done by all of you. I am willing to contribute by writing documentation. To begin with I want write “Install WebODM on Ubuntu, with Nvidia Graphics for Dummies”. Please point me in the right direction.

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Hey everyone. I’m a construction PM. I’ve always been fascinated by RC aeronautics, and have spent a considerable amount of time and money on cheap helicopters and quads, but found them to be very undependable and frustrating, and basically a waste of time and money.

Until I got my Mini 2.

I got it around the first of the year, and excitedly studied and obtained my Part 107 in a month after I got it. I live in WV, USA, so there are no limits on wonderful videography locations in the mountains, but now I am doing my best to be able to integrate the mapping capabilities of aerial photography with my real job, which is construction sites. I’ve made good progress with the help of this forum so far, but I have a long way to go. I just passed the 100 mile mark with my Mini 2, and have become significantly more skilled at what it can do.

I’m working now on trying to nail down the WebODM 3d processes and options, and it’s quite a learning curve. I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of the QGIS software and point cloud manipulation.

I use Dronelink for my mapping runs, sometimes Litchi, and for videography free-flying DJI Fly app.

I’m expecting to upgrade in a month or two, spending a lot of time looking at the Skydio offerings because of their autonomous capabilities, but I am happy with the quality and support of the DJI Mini 2, and may stay with DJI for the upgrade. However, I am definitely looking for a drone that does not use virtual stick, so that I can continue missions outside of range of remote.

Thank you, and hopefully I can shortly be of some use to others here in this community.


Welcome! Sounds like a fun journey and glad to have you here.

Hey, y’all, from West Virginia. Actually, I’m just a mountaineer wannabe. I’m a transplant from Connecticut. (Had to get out of the overcrowded, over-regulated northeast.) I’m a land surveyor just breaking into, or about to break into, UAS photogrammetry.
My first question: Can WebODM be used for processing point clouds from LiDAR?

Hello folks!! New guy!!

Right now I am trying to find my new path. I come from the telecommunications industry and my time in the industry is short. I am trying many things all at once. I LOVE DRONES. I LOVE LINUX. I LOVE FPV. I LOVE OPEN SOURCE. I’ve been building and flying drones since 2015 mostly as a hobbyist. I have had my FAA part 107 for 3-4 years and maybe do 10-15 real estate jobs a year and I LOATHE IT. I tinker on youtube doing cinewhoop and freestyle videos but Photogrammetry is the way I need to go. It’s technical and I don’t have to do near as many jobs for the money. I’m not that artsy type. I’m not Paul Nurcola or whatever his name really is (Nurk). They only need so many folks to do fancy FPV videos. I like to solve technical problems. I am also TRYING to become a Linux guru. The Linux journey started back in June when Microsoft Windows updated my MAIN desktop to Windows 11 while I slept. The long and short of it is My PC was rendered useless and my data on my C: drive was bitlocked and I couldn’t assess it. Luckily most of my data was on another drive that didn’t get locked up. I formatted the C: drive and installed Linux Mint. Microsoft and Billy [email protected] can bite me!!

Here’s where I am now… I want to start doing some Ortho, 3d, and topo jobs and have some clients that I plan to experiment on here in rural TN and AL by doing some jobs for free with free software. I’m excited about the challenge. I am tinkering with the liveodm on linux trying to get up to speed on an old Dell server running Proxmox. I’ve tinkered with Pix4d, CaptureReality or RealityCapture whatever they are called now, and Dronedeploy but can’t invest lots of $$ to start down this road. I also plan on offering CLOUD services later for my telecom services and could run an instance of webodm on one of those servers also. Tech advice questions coming soon but not here.