Abort during local seam leveling

What is the GSD being calculated as ?

I am not sure where to find that info, but looking around, I could find that the odm_orthophoto_log.txt file has written:
From the picture I would think it is a higher resolution than that, maybe 10cm/pixel. THe original photo has 1cm/pixel

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If you run the job to completion, the Report.pdf will have the GSD as calculated.

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Thanks! It reports an average ground sampling distance of 0.9cm.

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But why has the resulting orthophoto a resolution of 10-20 cm/pixel when the calculated GSD is 0.9?
How can I get a high-res orthophoto?

This is equivalent to 5cm/px, which is the default (the “20” here means 20 px/m → 1/20 * 100). Try setting orthophoto-resolution to 1 (and disregard ignore-gsd).

Not quite, you can set it, but it will be capped to GSD (it will not go lower than 0.9 cm/px in this dataset).

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Yep, like Piero said. If you’re using Lightning, set it to 1cm/px, or even 0.1 since you’re processing locally. It will then go as low as the actual calculated GSD, so 0.9.

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