A small function suggestion

I fly drone weekly. Most time, we have a lot of images. On the field, due to computer the long process time, I will check the single image to check whether there are a sign of problems. Due to the huge amount images, it is difficult to find certain one.
Some time I spend some times to annotate the images number as photo below.
0 images number

In webOdm after it load the images, it would be perfect for this map with showing images number.

I don’t know any software can do this so far.
Pix4D can show this map but no images number.
I give pix4D suggestion already. But they usually don’t listen to costumers.

I just finish a long flight for more than 8000 RGB(18MP each) and total over 33k images for multispectral.

I would like to test how webOdm can process them. Unfortunately, webOdm doesn’t support my drone yet.

33734 mutispetral dataset

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Really interesting suggestion.

This seems like a great fit for DroneDB.app

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Thank you. I didn’t know this app.
I just check it out.

It fit some of my needs.
It also has some good functions I though before but never thought would be possible.
Thank you. I will give them some feedback.

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Them is also us! Piero created Dronedb.app


WoW. Thank you.


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