468 images FAIL, is my computer strong enough?

Hi, newbie here, tried ODM for the first time yesterday, uploaded 468 images of a school and schoolyard. After 10.5hrs, I just got a message that the processing failed, no error code or clues. Half of the images were low-level, hand-flown orbit around the building at low altitude. My computer is a 2015 MacBook Pro with i7 and 16Gb RAM. I am trying again with 285 images (without the handflown orbit photos). It is hard to know at what point a more powerful computer will be required. So the question is, will too many hand-flown orbit pictures confuse the 3d algorithm?

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I suspect not enough RAM for that number of images. Manually flown imaging flights are not a problem, I’ve had plenty of successful 3D models from manual flights.
You could try medium or low quality point cloud, which may get you through the task.


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