3dmodel viewing


i’ve been doing a whole bunch of tests to try and mimic, as closely as I can, the webodm results of the other zoo of proprietary software that is lying around.
i processed a dataset of 212 photos, that are comprised of:

a 70m AGL grid;
a 20m circular path around the main object;
a 35m wider circular path around the main object;
a 16m circular path around a second object (chapel);

the process took around 5.30h on my setup with nodeodm and plain 3dmodel setting.

it got me to this:

i’m happy with both results: orthophoto and the point cloud model.
i’m unhappy with the “textured” model presented by the potree viewer. i suspect that i’ve been chasing the rabbit into the hole. maybe, just maybe all my tests done previously have been misleading because I was attributing the “bad results” to the processing. somehow, today it hit me that the potree 1.5rc might be distorting my view about the result.
to be honest, all I wan’t on my task pipeline is to orthophoto a bunch of places that I would like to have on a digital basis (eventually do some work with clients) and to catalogue the 3dmodels of stuff like castles, geologic mishaps and eventually post image recovery of forest fires.
The viewing of the 3dmodels will be presented only as a portfolio on a webgl browser because i haven’t the skills needed to change the css of the theme like someone did in the forum, can’t remember when but i’ll look around and edit this post then.


The user is ITWarrior and in his example
is exactly what I wanted to do. from what I know, he wrapped his code in a cgi script to view the tasks without having to log in.


Happy flights and compiles!