3D Textured Model Issues

This is what I did: took several photos with my drone; uploaded them into WebODM and processed it as High Resolution. The cloud point looks decent, as you can see below.

But then, when I try to generate a textured model this happens (right image):


It is not the first time this happened. The weird thing is that I processed heavier files before and it DIDN’T happen.

Anyone knows what might be the issue?



I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

It looks like a possibile regression hitting PoTree after we increased the maximum size of the texture pages.


Hello Saijin!

Thanks for your reply. Is there anyway I can fix this PoTree? Or is there an expectation to fix it?

In blender it opens just fine, but I use the measurement tools of WebODM a lot - and that is the main reason I generate the textured model in WebODM.

I was really hoping there was a way around this issue in WebODM itself.

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Hmm :thinking: I’m not sure of a workaround yet.

Maybe lowering orthophoto resolution? I’ve not tested yet.

Yes, I do expect that we’ll be working to fix this, but I don’t have a timetable for that yet.

Ok, I will try rendering it on low res.

Are the updates automatic downloaded/installed? If not, where can I keep track of the new versions?

I ask this because I never manually updated anything regarding WebODM since I first downloaded it (maybe 1 or 2 months ago), and this week is where these problems started.

Updates will prompt before applying and you need to ask for them with Check For Updates menu item, unless you’re using the docker/native version.

I am using Docker. What changes?

Oh, just the method of updating, but you’d still have to request it with WebODM.sh update unless you have a script or daemon running to auto-update.

I have triggered this as well:


Mmm. Pretty nice in meshlab though:



Quite nice!


A+ gif use.


I achieved a similar result to the one above on a 6000 image model . Was using the odm build just before this current one. Point cloud rendered ok, lighting etc, but model failed when applying the texture, resulting in about 75% gray rendering. Rendered ok on meshlab though.

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Can you share the first texture image size (pixel by pixel), should be odm_textured_model_geo_material0000_map_Kd.png?
I can’t load the first texture image in meshlab due to its large size (24576x24576), but it’s working fine after I downsized it by half. Wonder if it’s the problem with my meshlab installation.

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there are two 24576x24576 images odm_textured_model_geo_material0000+0001_map_Kd.png for the model @ 556 and 573 Mb. Untextured is handled fine

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Fix coming up: Dynamic max texture sizes by pierotofy · Pull Request #1376 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub


This should be fixed now; if you reprocess the dataset (after updating), the model should show up.


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