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Hello everyone!
I want to share you a folder with a lot of photos about a wind turbine. There are orbital flights. I try to generate a 3D model but I can´t. Can anyone help me?



I’m no expert in this, but you got so many photos. it is possible to process these but you need a really good computer first of all and second, the 3d model might turn out bad because the sky is added into some of the photos, ODM doesn’t process 3d models when it shows the sky very well. if i were you ill go through the photos and put in a quarter of them and see how that works out.

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Thank you very much. And What options do you think that could I use?

If you have the time/inclination, it may very well be worthwhile to do manual image masking to ensure that the sky parts of the images are ignored by the processing pipeline.

Read from here down:

(In a subsequent update, image masks were expanded to be supported in the following file formats:
‘.jpg’,’.jpeg’,’.png’, ‘.tif’, ‘.tiff’, ‘.bmp’)

You could also try increasing min-num-features, as well as using feature-quality and pc-quality ultra, possibly with a higher mesh-octree-depth. Bear in mind that the processing time and memory requirements for the aforementioned flags will greatly, greatly, greatly increase.

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