3D printable ArUco GCP targets

Following on from my last query about ArUco dictionaries I have developed some customisable 3D printable targets. These are designed mostly for ArUco 3x3 patterns, but can be adapted to checkerplate/cross targets.

I designed these for several reasons, but mostly:

  • So I could test out different patterns, colours and textures

    with minimum rework. Changing grey to white required printing just a handful of tiles.
  • Fully weatherproof (lots of cold, frosty days here).
  • Heavy enough to not move easily

Downloadable from here: Printables

These are an initial prototype and will be refined over time. Weight is around 600gm each, so ~$20AUD each.


Very nice initiative and products yet.

But I’m not sure of weither it could be use outside of “prototyping”. I mean most of time you need “few” GCP and as such you can always re-use same pattern and same support if they are not destinated to be left on place.
For the ones that are fixed and need to stay on place I think “robust” material will be used. You place them and “forget” them, juste some cleaning some times. As such the pattern will also be fixed and won’t change.

Am I messing something ?

But once again nice prototypes and I will follow your work

---------- Edit ----------------
Ok I re-read your message and understant that you could use it to find the best “shades” and patterns, i.e. the one that are the more easily detected.
Am I right ?

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Yes - to trialling best shades and patterns.

As for usage, I intend to print about 6 of them (probably numbered 1-6). I’ll place 4 - 6 of them on a site, pick up centres with GNSS, send the drone up, and then collect the GCPs.

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