3D pointcloud/mesh DELIVERABLES

I’m looking for a solution to deliver measurable 3D data to a conservation group without AutoCAD.

What is the best way to provide them with workable pointclouds and/or 3D mesh (pointcloud preferred)? Do they need to find another software, or can I share the ODM interface with them somehow?

Their goal is to extract the following measurements of trees rendered in 3D via drone images: height, trunk-circumference, cylindrical volume of tree.

note: this project is looking at single trees, not large areas of forest.

The default measurements through Open Drone Map seem to be sufficient. Is there a way to share the interface with outside parties so they can collect their own measurements?


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Yes you can share UI from webodm with users. but you should definitely run ODM securely before opening it up to the internet. also setup through a DNS service redirect service like NOIP or something similiar.

After all that you would need to setup users and permissions for those users.

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You could set them up with the Dockerized WebODM install, or possibly the WebODM Lightning Manager for Windows, and then provide them with the all.zip exports so they can import them to visualize and make measurements with.

You can also share your instance over the internet, but that opens a whole can of security worms that I don’t believe is worth it for most individuals.

If I have WebODM installed on a VM instance using Google Cloud and I share the results creating users on using the share opion…

Is that so dangerous?

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Seems like a reasonably secure setup :slight_smile:

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