3D object (not terrain) from Multiple Images

I have been happily using the webodm interface for return from drones.
Now I would like to use the same interface for photogrammetric survey of 3d objects, taken from various angles, with the necessary overlays.
Let m call it “close range”, thus collecting photographs at 360 degrees both on the plane of the object and on the planes at +60 ° and - 60 °.
Has anyone ever done this?

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Stephen has done a great series on it at his blog:


great, thank you a LOT !
I’ve seen everything, the most tricky part is how to take pictures, i.e. the right way of overlapping and to use a good camera to have everything on focus in the near.
Ukulele has no hidden or “upsidedown” surfaces, the other side wood be MUCH mor difficult !
Probably 50 mb pictures is too high resultion, but I’ll give a try in “webodm” and “regard3d” (both open source and working on my mac 10.13.6) and let you know.


I have to say that all attempts to date have not lead to great results. It probably depends not on software but
on the mode in which the photographs are taken, I will keep trying with better lighting / overlapping and keep you informed.

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