3d model with odm

hi , i have a video and i want to create a 3d colored model from that? is that possible with odm ?
if yes please let me know how ?


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Yes, Stephen did it from an Ok Go video - Mapping Ok Go's I won't let you down video

You have to use another tool to extract individual from the video, then feed those to OpenDroneMap and also set some simple GCPs. VLC player extracts individual frames pretty well, and there are other methods too.


Yup, but I like this example better: 3D Model - Mask


But once I extract images from videos ,the individual images loose the metadata . will odm still create the 3d model ?

It can still create the 3D model, though it will be missing any geographic information that might otherwise be captured in the video stream (some systems store e.g. GPS info in the audio feed).

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so if i have
parameters in a file can i pass it in the main command “docker run -ti --rm -v /home/youruser/datasets:/datasets opendronemap/odm --project-path /datasets project” so that it utilizes this parameters from the file ? i am not certain what values it extract while creating a 3d model but i have few images in which metadata is there so i can extract metadata from them and pass it to the above command ? or is there any other way /?

another question is does odm has slam implementation ? i want to track the camera through videos ?


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