3D model- Textured model won't load

Im using a DJI Mavic 3E for image collecting and WebODM on a
Mac Studio M1 to process images.
I tried my first 3D model the other day and had some problems.
I typically have been making Orthomosaics with 375 images at high resolution without issue in 2 - 2.1/2hours. With a 3D model and 305 images, after 1:30 of processing I got the “not enough storage” message. does the number of projects I have saved in WebODM affect its ability to process, or does 3D processing just suck up a lot more horsepower, or something else? should I have used a lower resolution?
(I did eventually get it to finish, but I don’t know what I did to make that happen)

Is there a free (or one-time payment) software that can render the image so it looks more realistic than a point cloud? I have tried the “textured Model” but it works on it for awhile, an image flashes on the screen and then it goes back to the point cloud I started with.

how do you save your 3D models and what do you use to view them?

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Seems like a few things might be happening here.

You may need to expand the Docker volume to give WebODM more space. Clearing out projects may help, as well.

You also can sometimes run into issues with really large models not wanting to draw properly in PoTree. You can check them in MeshLab to verify.

Someone reminded me of the lightning network which i had forgotten about- so i signed up and did that. Now i have another ortho and a whole lot of files that i dont know what to do with and no 3D model at all (except for the original point cloud one generated in WebODM.).
There was no button that said “Generate 3D model” (like in WebODM) so maybe i didnt enter the correct “secret handshake”, which it seems is a continuous issue throughout the photogrammetry world.

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You don’t have an odm_texturing directory in the output from Lightning? The WaveFront OBJ model will be there.

If you post your processing settings for Lightning, we can help you see if indeed the model was skipped, or not requested.

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