3D Model screen doesn't always show model due to scale/center and Tools-Navigation-FullExtent

Hi OBD folks,

I am running OBD 1.9.12 build 55 with an i7 16GB machine with an SSD and a couple of mid grade NVIDIA cards, and have been having problems with consistently viewing, or possibly retrieving, 3D models (I just upgraded today from the originally 1.9.11 version originally installed from the Windows installer).

I was going crazy trying to figure out my problem, and I eventually came to realize that the Navigation wasn’t always defaulting to “FullExtent” setting quite properly, or at least I think that was the problem. This results in seeing nothing but blank screens because I suppose the object is not only off scale but off center relative to other viewed projects in the Dashboard, but can be resolved by clicking on “tools” and clicking on the fifth enigmatic icon under the navigation tab. This is not to complain about the icon; it makes sense now that I know what it does, but without the viewer defaulting to this, it caused me major confusion.

All that being said, you could chalk up this post to either operator error, program bug report, design oversight, or something else, but I figured at the very least if I’m having a problem with it, somebody else might be as well.

Regards, -Andrew


It’s a “feature” that has been discussed elsewhere :slight_smile:

The weird thing is, sometimes the 3D model appears without clicking that icon.

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I did some searching on the topic but couldn’t find it in the searches because I didn’t know how to qualify or filter it. I find this forum platform to be a bit disorienting and challenging to navigate.

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Like Gordon noted, this is an unfortunate bug introduced during a fix for a bug that would permanently break a model view.

We don’t have a resolution quite yet, but using Full Extent is the best workaround for the time being.

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