3D Model Not Loading

Hello, I’m trying to view a 3D model. The Ortho version turned out just fine. I used the “Lightning Node” to process the pictures, as I’ve done once before. When try to view the 3D model, I just get a blank screen. The toolbar/options load, but the main box just stays gray. I’ve tried playing with the “Show Model” and “Eye-Dome-Lighting” on and off with no success as well as pressing “Full Extent”. I have two other 3D projects I made a few months back that I can still open and play with, only this new project wont load.

I read some post before making this, I’m using Windows 10 / FireFox.

Here is what my Firefox “Console” says:

The forum wouldn’t let me post a second image in the thread.

Here is what Chrome Console looks like:

Can anybody help me? Tell me what I need to do.

Can you download the all.zip from the link you were emailed? Also, what Task options did you use to create this Task?

Yes, I was able to download the all.zip file, and uploaded it to the dashboard. As far as task options, I’m not really sure, I’m not familiar with the settings, I don’t think I changed anything, but I remember looking at the 3-D Tiles Enable option. I might of clicked that on by accident.(Not sure what it does) Is there a way to reprocess without having to pay again?

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The 3d-tiles shouldn’t interfere with the model displaying or not.

Are you able to provide me with the download link for the all.zip so I can poke around? If you’d like to do so privately, please send an email to [email protected] and reference this thread.

It seems like the Task might have been created in such a way that a 3D model wasn’t generated as part of processing (which is totally valid), though the pointcloud should still show.

Sorry for the slow reply, I work night shift, and replied shortly before having to go to bed.

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Can I just get a refund as advertised? I’ve been trying to resolve this for a week + now, and I’m not any further than when I started. Please refund my money.

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