3D model file is too big

I’ve been using WebODM in a docker container on my Win10 machine for a while now; loving the 2d and 3d models I’ve been getting of construction sites!

I’d like to share some 3d models on the free version of Sketchfab, but the filesize limit there is 100Mb. All my models are larger than that.

How do I make the .zip file (that I can download from the WebODM project) smaller? Ideally, under 100Mb so I can upload it to Sketchfab.


Easiest way to make it smaller is batch convert your png files into jpg files, and then edit odm_textured_model.mtl file in a text editor to point to the jpg version. Once you’ve verified this work, you can move or delete your pngs and zip everything up.

If it’s still too big, you’ll have to do something more drastic, but we can review that if needed.

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Sounds good; I’ll give that a try tomorrow evening!

Is there a way during processing the images to do something to make the model smaller? Maybe use the “resize” function, or something like that?

Resize should result in smaller models too, so if they are close to the right size, this is a good and simpler fix.

Thanks for editing my answer Gordon: that was some wild auto-corruption from my phone….


Thanks; I should have a chance to try it out tonight. In fact, I just remembered that I tried the resize option on my last ortho, so I’ll download that zip and see how big it is.

And remember: every time you make a typo, the errorists win…


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