3d Mesh rendering on reflected surfaces

Hi, I’m trying to create a 3d mesh over video shot around a vehicle. However, the roof parts of the vehicles cannot be formed properly because the sun rays are reflected on the vehicle roof. What can be done to deal with this situation? I leave sample images below.

Screenshot from 2021-12-27 08-41-33
Screenshot from 2021-12-27 08-42-13
3d :
Screenshot from 2021-12-27 08-43-17
Screenshot from 2021-12-27 08-43-27
Screenshot from 2021-12-27 08-43-39



Highly spectral surfaces can be very hard to reconstruct since tiepoints generally can not be found in such areas, especially when the source image has channel clipping. If you have enough dynamic range in your datastream/sensor, you could try adjusting the highlights down uniformly across all the input frames, but if it clipped while recording… Not sure you can do much.

In the future, a polarizing lens filter might help tame reflections on spectral surfaces.


I have encountered that myself playing around.

I was going to try a polarizing filter on my next attempt also to see if I could get around the issue or try when it was cloudy with no reflections.


Yup. Spraying the vehicle with dirty water and letting it dry works too, but isn’t always ahem, practical, with nicer cars.