3D Mesh Limit 300000?


It’s only a basic question. Why there is the Limit for the Output 3D-Mesh of 300000 Vertices? If you have larger Areas than this isn’t enought. When I tried higher values there is always the message

[{“name”:“mesh-size”,“error”:“Invalid value 1000000 (out of range)”}]

During the Process I see that there are much higher 3D-Models processed during the Process (My last one showed 156.000.000 within a ply-File but the output was 284.000, as I set the value to the shown maximum of 300.000) - so they are already reduced during the process.

My “wish” would be around 1.5 Mio. - I mean the maximum file size of the 300.000 Models are around 60Mb. Compared to the files sizes of the OrthoPhoto (600Mb) it’s funny, that we are “allowed” to work with that files sizes for the 2D output bt not for the 3D-Output.

Do you know any way to use the bigger 3D-Models which are computed during the process or at least any way to get a 3D-Model-Output, higher that the 300.000 Limit?

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey @AlexNoir :hand: those limits are only enforced on webodm.net. You can run NodeODM locally and have no limits.

hey @pierotofy thank you very much - I did so and it worked - I will have to think about if I really want to continue using webodm.net


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How do I run NodeODM locally? What are the limitations?