3D Mapping Missions

I created a 3D mapping mission and completed the mission. After using WebODM to process the photos I’m noticing some distortion of a statue in the 3D model. What can cause this? I used an air 2s with a single grid and orbit as suggested in a tutorial here: Dronelink Advanced #07 - Mapping - YouTube . Speed: 16mph, overlap was 75% front and 70% side. Gimbal pitch was -75deg. Capture interval was 2 seconds while I think I accidentally had the orbit interval set at 4 seconds.

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We recommend higher overlap/sidelap for 3D modeling, usually 85% or greater.

What does the point cloud look like? Is it reasonably clean/well-formed? If so, you might need to increase your mesh quality parameters (--mesh-size and --mesh-octree-depth)

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