360º Pictures + Drone Surveying for a mixed point cloud model

Hello guys, not sure if this is the right place for posting something like this. Already searched the forums for more information on this topic but couldn’t find something from this year.

Recently Insta360 launched the new Insta360 1 inch sensor with an objective made by Leica systems. A really nice addition to this sort of cameras for such a size. I will buy the device as I intend to use it to implement some BIM uses related to the construction stage and the follow up of the construction process. But, I was wondering, is it possible to mix pictures taken with the drone with 360º pictures from the insta360 and come up with a good result through webODM?

Will ODM be able to handle the sky from the 360? Are there some special parameters we need to set in order to get a proper result?

I know you guys have been experimenting with 360º pictures for a while, if you could share some of your experience it would be really helpful…

Thanks in advance.


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