2D mapping exercise - how do I resolve image misalignment of roof?

Hi, I have just recently acquired WebODM and joined the forum today.

I am a complete beginner and Im currently finding my way around the WODM software. Ive been practicing getting some experience in 2D mapping using a Parrot Anafi and Pix4D Capture app. I created a flight plan in Pix4D and uploaded it to the drone. The drone flew the mission and I have subsequently downloaded the captured photos to my desktop pc. I have run the photos through WebODM and then selected an orthomosaic as an output.

I would like to resolve the alignment of the roof of the gatehouse as its not presenting correctly, see image cropped from the orthomosaic below:

Note that I also ran the images through Drone Deploy (trial version) and it produced the same result with the roof. Any ideas on whats causing this issue and how to go about correcting it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to resolve.

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Might be lack of overlap between photos and to few of them.


It would probably be easier to diagnose if the dataset was shared (if possible) as this could be a number of things that would cause it. like apos80 wrote, most likely not enough images of the roof. Is this dataset only of this building?


Thanks - think I might have another bash at running the mapping exercise at the same location with perhaps a different drone and see if I can improve on the results.

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