2d and 3d map sharing

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i was wondering where can i change the default sharing of the 2d and 3d maps, in such a way that the download of all the datasets isn’t available. i just want to share the results, not the dataset. or have the option to choose what dataset to share.

thanks guys

Currently not. If you share the map, the assets are available for download also. You might have to modify the code to create this behavior. (We’d welcome a pull request!)

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I’ve achieved this but in a different way. I wanted to move the functions off of the “map” and moved them to the side instead, so that the map menu didn’t appear. You could simply just not add them elsewhere and have them hidden.

In the WebODM theme settings page, you can set the CSS to hide elements that you don’t want to display. I think the one you’re looking for is:

div.navmenu > div.action-buttons > div.asset-download-buttons {display: none;}

It’s not big-brain proof - anybody that’s familiar with CSS can turn the menu back on if they really wanted to, but it worked for my use-case as I wasn’t trying to stop it happening, just wanted to hide the function and display it elsewhere.

Here’s an example:



will have to test it. about the 3d share not opening with potree settings opened? is it possible to set to closed?


Can you send me instructions on you hosted the webpage?
This is exactly what I have been looking for (sharing results with clients through a simple link) but so far you’re the first person I have seen doing it.
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@Bob_Staff it wasn’t a project that we planned to make open-source. It’s tightly integrated with our infrastructure for billing, storage and processing and there are a number of other scripts that we use for task control and prioratising. It would be very difficult to make it work in your environment even if I sent you all of the files.

This is us: https://survey.aero. Drop me a PM and I can get you an account at a discounted rate if you’re interested. Those prices are in NZD.


Ahh…ok…I appreciate the reply. I like WebODM but I find it VERY difficult to actually use it to impress potential clients. Which I find odd since they let me customize it with my business and logo. You have actually made it usable ! Very nice work by the way.


Hello Bob,

I just rented a VPS and installed the webodm per instructions on a UBUNTU 18.04 server. As the VPS is exposed to the internet, it was all configured to show on the web, with the certificate to use HTTPS and get the ports set up to respond from the internet, instead of the local net.

Stay well

Thanks for that info.
I will look into that when i get back from holidays.
18.04 or 16.04? I cant seem to find 18.04.

I have my son, the computer wizard, looking into it now.
Do you still process the pictures on your local computer and upload the zipped outputs to you VPS, or upload the pictures and and process on the server?
I can’t imagine uploading 400 pictures !!

18.04. The instructions are valid as per 16.04

since the vps has limited memory, i will only upload up to 200 photos and do a fast-orthophoto … in the worst case cenario. the rest is processed locally and I upload the whole processed package.

good luck

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