2 Parts of my 3D Model is Floating

So I have a 3D model processed and I was wondering if you guys knew what could cause this, I do have the split function enabled but I didn’t think it could cause this…

Thanks for any responses!

Attached is a screenshot that I am referring too

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Did you record and use GCPs?

No I didn’t use GCP’s with this project, could that be the issue?

EDIT: I don’t think GCP’s would cause the issue with floating like that though… First time I used a split sub-model approach I think that could be the issue maybe not enough overlap?

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Certainly possible without enough overlap. GCPs might help control this situation though.

It very well could but i’m not sure might let it process same stuff tomorrow with more overlap, give me a better idea of it all.

I should add this isn’t a mapped out plan just flew over the area took pics in different areas etc was kind of on the whim thing testing out some different functions that could be part of it as well… I’ll try to processing it with more model overlap and post the results tomorrow.

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UPDATE: Tried it again with optimized settings with a 3/8 Submodel split overlay, forced GPS and forced exif, and higher quality 3D model generation, same outcome I am thinking it could’ve been the Pictures scattered out so much without an automated flight, I am trying another 3D model with my drone that was a planned flight more consistent pictures. Will edit post with an update later.

EDIT: I just did the other model same settings, not as bad as a hover however still had some, this is a smaller dataset so I did it again same setting with no split, no split-overlay turned out perfect some missing parts like the side of the house but that is a given considering the angle it took… could this be due to not enough overlay or what does anyone think?


Updated post above, please let me know what you guys think?

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